Rockin' the world, one charity at a time!

Hall of Fame

Da Shibbering Cheetos will be inducted in to the Anipal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the spring of 2013.  They are honored to join an elite group of musicians whose contributions have had a significant impact on the evolution, development and perpetuation of rock and roll.  “We can’t believe it! One day we’re just a bunch of rescue dogs looking to get adopted, and the next we are getting inducted in to the Anipal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!”

SC Induction

RS: You’ve all done so much to change the face of music, using social media to help animals all over the world. How did you come up with this novel concept?

DSC: Well, we were hanging out in our rescue cages, down at the shelter. You know, it can be a bit sad in a shelter, and so the blues felt right. Mattie Dog picked up a guitar, started plucking it and howling and then we all joined in. Trailer Park Dogs banged on the bars for percussion and high tinkly key sounds, and Brutus the Dane found some string and added some bass.  One-by-one we were adopted, and then we just decided to keep making music.  We would practice for hours, and eventually we realized, ‘hey, we rock!’ and then we started playing all sorts of gigs all over the social media world!


RS: You’ve played a lot of concerts in a lot of different venues, and even done a few live gigs-do you have any one event that really sticks out, that you knew you’d made it?

DSC: *Laughing – snort* Yeah, when we were touring with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and we were all on stage, all crazy! We channeled pure energy that night, and all of us were getting a little punchy. The boys from Red Hot Chili Peppers came out, all commando style, with only a sock to cover themselves up, and they looked at us like we had better do the same! So we all stripped down, put on some socks and played! Luckily we had socks! It was a great moment full of fun, laughter, and we raised awareness for animal rights. Plus, the infamous photo of us running around with just socks on made the cover of Rolling Stones!  Look ma, we made the big time!


RS: Covering you boys on tour has been a lot of fun, and seeing you get inducted will be a great moment.  Do you think you’ll be invited to play at the induction, will you join some of the other musicians on stage?

DSC: We would be honored to play at the induction and to be able to jam with some of our heros would make the night complete! We’ll have to wait and see how that works though.  We just hope they have fire hydrants close by, we’ll be so excited we’ll have to go potty a lot!


RS: So, what’s next for Da Shibbering Cheetos? What can your fans expect?

DSC: We have some great creative things in the works! We’re planning on taking a little time, recharge our souls a bit-find a little island with white sandy beaches where we can stick our toes in the sand and feel the warm ocean breezes. We have an offer to make a movie, be in a reality show, and write our memoirs… but we don’t want to decide right now, we just want to relax. Oh yeah, and we’ll be joined by our spiritual advisor, Blind Maximus, who is also our tour bus driver!


RS: Your “blind” driver is your spiritual advisor?

DSC: Yup, how else do you think he can drive? He ‘feels it,’ man and he’s never let us down. Most of the time we have to book our gigs close to a fast food joint though, the smells help guide him. So, whatever works.


RS: That’s cool, so you’re going to take some time, get refreshed, seek out some good energy. 

DSC: Yes, and we’ll also bring along Winston, our chief of security. Not because we need securing, but because he’s Blind Maximus’s spiritual advisor. We’re a family like that.


RS: Got it. That’s cool. You all look out for each other.

DSC: That’s it, that’s the ticket! Get with a good group of pals, be kind to one another, to every creature on the planet, do what you love, and happiness will follow! That’s what we have done, and look at us now, getting inducted in to the Anipal Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


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