Rockin' the world, one charity at a time!

Shibbering Cheetos

Da Band

Brutus on bass         Mattie – Lead singer & Band Leader        Coco on keytar        Goose on drums

We are da Shibbering Cheetos – Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.  We’ll have a blast!


Da Kick Ass Tour Bus

Da Shibbering Cheetos travel in style under tight security.  Our super luxury tour bus is equipped with a wet bar, hot tub and a recording studio.

Our driver is a blind chihuahua named Blind Maximus who zips us all over cyberspace.

Our Chief of Sekurity Winston shields da Band from panties thrown by wild groupies.

The best roadies in Twittersphere, Tiger and Chazz are kings of sound equipment and bacon beer supplies.

Da Shibbering Cheetos Video